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Who We Are

Outerwarehouse is on a mission to reduce clothing waste by offering unsold outerwear inventory at unbeatable prices. We're able to offer your favorite brands at unbeatable prices simply by keeping the brand a mystery until it's in your hands.

Each year, literal tons of jackets, coats, and sweaters are left unsold or undelivered to the retailers that ordered them. As a result, brands must either destroy or discard millions of dollars worth of jackets just because they're no longer in season. That's where we come in.

We work directly with brands to obtain their excess inventory and offer it directly to you at unbeatable prices. Our only catch: you won't know the brand until it arrives at your door. Much like blind-booking sites in the travel industry, we're able to offer name-brand outerwear at bargain-bin prices - all while encouraging sustainability and reducing the amount of waste in the apparel industry.

With each jacket you purchase from us, you're helping actualize demand and helping manufacturers adjust properly plan their resources. This results in less waste and less pollution. We all win.